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Thread: GetYourPlatinum still suitable for unlocking trophies?

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    Sterist Guest

    GetYourPlatinum still suitable for unlocking trophies?

    hello again guys

    today i plan on updating my 2nd ps3 to the latest OFW.... which is what i bought if for, while my 1st ps3 was supposed to be the hacked one lol

    i want to squeeze the last bit of benefit out of CFW before i go to the point of no return with it and i researched this article:

    it was news posted here in the 3.41 JB era and the article was updated (at the top of the page) to include the GetYourPlatinum v1.0 exe download for windows.

    has $ony changed anything at all from the way trophies were being stored in the 3.41 firmware that would cause a problem between this 3.41-JB era trophy unlocker application and the TROPUSR.DAT from a 3.55 system?

    and for extra credit, has anyone seen reports of $ony doing anything to PSN accounts with these unlocked trophies?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Yes, Sony has changed something with the trophies almost from 3.41 to 3.50 you can unlock trophies of course, but you can't sync them, you will get an error when you try it.

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