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Thread: Getting a PS3 where to start help?

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    Sinzah Guest

    Getting a PS3 where to start help?

    Alright, I am interested in buying a PS3 and jailbreaking it, I am just unsure of where to start. I have toyed around with modding a 360 and I was stopped dead in my tracks being forced to solder before I could do anything. Heh.

    Am I safe to say I am going to have to buy one off of ebay hoping it's 3.55 or lower? Is there anything else I should beware of before buying?

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    NTA Guest
    Yes, I think the main thing is it being on 3.55 or lower. If it's lower, you can just upgrade to 3.55, install cfw, etc. If it's past 3.55, you might be in for a bit of trouble and may have to get it downgraded. Also, whether or not the bluray drive works also helps, because if it doesn't and you plan on using 3.55 cfw, some games (afaik) made use of a bluray game disc inserted to run, although in recent times, it may not be necessary, but recommended to have as a precaution.

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    Sinzah Guest
    Thanks, how exactly do eboot fixes work exactly? Also, what is Cex/Dex? Is it something I should know of if I end up getting a ps3 that's lower than 3.55? Also, is there a specific CFW you could recommend? A

    long with a guide to flash it? Also, what about some of the newer CFWs? Like Rogero's 4.21, would I need eboot fixes to play some of the newer "backups"?

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    TitanTX Guest
    Ok lets start with boot fixes.

    Eboot Fixes
    These little things are required to run games on the PS3 system, the full form is encrypted boots these are encrypted if i am not mistaken with the firmware required to run the game itself that is either 3.55 or above, newer games will require higher firmware to run in order to play the game, with that being said these eboots are needed to be signed for lower firmware aka CFW 3.55 in order to play them on 3.55 firmware, hope this makes sense. And no you do not need to patch eboots in order to play on 4.21 as this is one of the latest firmwares minus 4.30, 4.25, and 4.31

    Now CEX/DEX
    This is simply in its simplest form Retail and Debug coming from the 360 scene you should know their capabilities and what the difference is now that i given this much. Although a retail machine is for user mass consumption and debug units are for development purposes only

    Getting a PS3 lower than 3.55 is sometimes very difficult to obtain, try and get one that is 3.55 firmware and no CEX/DEX is not something to worry about.

    I recommend you stick with 3.55 Kmeaw since you are relatively new to the scene, flashing is simple, you flash it like any other firmware but you need to be on 3.55 OFW in order to do so.

    With Rogeros 4.21 CFW you wouldn't need eboot fixes like i mentioned earlier these fixes are required for lower firmware. But you man need to resign them to work with this firmware since most of the fixes are for 3.55 you will need to resign for 4.21 firmware.

    Hope i helped if you need more information please let me know.

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    G Sus Guest
    your safest ad easiest option is to buy a ps3 already on 3.55OFW or already on any cfw. all other options lead to adventures. some of which can be highly unpleasant. (messing up a downgrade)

    once you get one of these ps3 just update to a 4.xx cfw and evrything is easy after that.

    buying any ps3 other than an ofw3.55 of cfw ps3 is likely to lead into a lot of costs you could really do without and possibly even an expensive brick.

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    TitanTX Guest
    Exactly what G Sus said you should try and look out for a 3.55 console, why not try our market place I'm sure you will find some great deals there.

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    G Sus Guest
    if your in the uk , i've got a slim running rebug 4.21 rex i'd have to take out the new 500gig scorpio blue harddrive out and put its original 120gb one back in though. paid 70 last week for an ext. just to take apart and get the drive out.

    i'd sell it for 160 but you would have to cover postage, although it is boxed.

    unless you want it with the 500gig hardrive , then i'd sell it for 200 you would still have to cover whatever the postage was though, I imagine its a lot going off the weight but i've never posted one before so no idea.

    it'd still work out cheaper than a new super slim 500gig ps3, and you cant get them on cfw anyway.

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    TitanTX Guest
    Yea the new super slims aren't hackable at this point in time nor are the 3K ones as well, so if you get one of those models then you are out of luck, so do as G Sus would

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    Sinzah Guest
    Alright, thanks. Now, with Eboot fixes, would I be required to patch a fix to each different game each time? Or is it a one time only thing? Also, does it matter which model I get? I know some have different processors which cause issues with jailbreaking.

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