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    boli Guest

    Getting online with new update help?

    Hi guy's , noob here.

    I just got my slim ps3 modded a few weeks back and have been playing my games on rogero firmware and multiman. I have also been playing online with my original disk and using psn. Yesterday I got the update ps3 firmware message, so now im not able to get online without updating to new firmware.

    I was told by the guy who modded my system to not update the firmware. So now i'm a little confused as to how I can get back online without losing my mod. I've read a little bit about spoofers, but this is all new to me. I am on on rogero 4.45 ..If someone can help me a little with some instructions I would appreciate it.

    thanks again.

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    JeoWay Guest
    Use SGK 4.46 spoofer. Just install it and run it and press enable. Then you should be able to sign into PSN.

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    dyceast Guest
    Just a note also: Even if you are using the original disc to play games online, the percentage of you being banned would just be as close as you playing from a backup

    Sony can and may ban you as you are still running a CFW

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    Azrial Guest
    Yep Sony can detect CFW, and can ban you for even signing in, I got banned for updating my trophies, I didn't even play online, they just did a console and account ban, so be wary whenever you play online, it may be you last time you do.

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    boli Guest
    Thanks for all your help guys

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