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Thread: Getting a modded PS3 - Int/Ext HD help?

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    Darkeru Guest

    Getting a modded PS3 - Int/Ext HD help?

    I'm likely soon going to be selling my normal PS3 and buying a modded one. What questions should I be asking/What should I be checking?

    The people tried to sell me an external hard drive to go along with it, saying it's faster if I put my files on there, instead of an internal one.

    That sounds completely wrong to me, but just in case - what's the truth of the situation? Is a USB HD really faster, or are they just trying to sell the extra?

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    JeoWay Guest
    Most likely they are going to sell you an actual USB HDD drive which is better depending on what the brand and read speeds are.

    I would certainly ask for a picture of the modded console (such as the XMB, installed homebrew, etc) and make sure you are getting what you want

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    Darkeru Guest
    So it's faster to use a (good) external hard drive connected by USB, than an internal hard drive which is directly connected? That's surprising. I always thought that USB was fairly slow as transfer rates go.

    I don't really know what I want, which is why I'm asking for things to look for I should be able to check it out and actually try it before buying.

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    niwakun Guest
    FAT32 over 32GB or larger filesystem got a very slow read/write speed, like if youre going to write a 32kb of data with 20000files of it, it would take 2 hours to copy all of it. Read speed is little slower too so if your game contains 10000 files or more, better store it in internal HDD as it can read the data much faster than external HDD.

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    Darkeru Guest
    External HDDs need to be FAT32, but internal HDDs will be the PS3's own file system, which is faster for copying games to/reading games?

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    niwakun Guest
    External HDD are slow in PS3, because of FAT32 filesystem.

    You can actually see this by loading a certain game like Hatsune Miku Project Diva F in external HDD and loading a single game takes extra 15-20seconds while when you compare it the same game stored in internal HDD, the game loads much faster like it loads about 5-7seconds.

    Either way, the Mandatory Game Data Install will fix this external HDD read slowdowns anyway.

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