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    [UnAnswered] Getting DVD movies on the PS3 HDD

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    I want to rip some dvd movies off the disks and put them on the hard drive, in a playable format obviously. I do not however want each movie to take up the full 4GB if picture quality can be preserved half decently.

    I'd imagine what I'm asking is there any good free way to get a DVD into the necessary MPEG 4 AVC/SP file format?

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    You could use a dvd ripper program to rip dvd then use the ps3 video converter to convert them to ps3 format

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    Are you looking to get just the movie on you HD or you want menu etc....

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    Just to get the movie watchable on the PS3 without it takeing up 4+GB if possible.

    I know I CAN rip the DVD to .avi and then run it through PS3 video 9 but I'd like to do it in one step if possible.

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    I don't know of a one step solution, but to get your file size down, use DVD Shrink. You can shrink the entire DVD or just the main movie. A small loss of quality but if saving space is what you're after, this should do the job.

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    I may toy around with DVD shrink to see how much I can get out of it without really sacrificing quailty.

    I did manage to get the DVD' into a workable format for the PS3. Perhaps I'll do a small writeup on it once I get the finer details figured out.


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