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Thread: Getting banned on PSN questions help?

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    chuchugaga Guest

    Getting banned on PSN questions help?

    Hi everyone,

    So I've tried looking for answers to these few questions, but I haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer. So here it is:
    I'm using a PS3 2xxx running Rogero 4.46 and the latest Multiman.

    1. What exactly does it mean to get "banned" if you attempt to run a backup game to play online? Do they ban your PSN ID, or is it your console's MAC address or what? If it's just the PSN ID, why don't people simply create a new one every time? And if I do get banned, can I still play offline?

    2. What are the chances of getting banned? I know this is a very common/noob question, but I'd just like a rough idea. If I start playing online, are we talking getting detected within hours, days, weeks, months or what?

    3. If I buy an original disc, can I play online legitimately and not get banned? Or does it still detect custom FW and run the risk of getting banned?

    Thanks a lot guys.

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    Liongooder Guest
    1 - To get banned means that you'll never be able to play online again they'll ban both your PSN ID & PSID(console ID) & yes you can play offline.

    2 - Chances are slight unless you play any of the Call of Duty series or cheat online i got banned for forgetting my Fake plus PSN for a week so this counts too. also do not access multiman while PS3 is online.

    Now i am back online, i created another user, how ? i used a valid PSID (console ID) & now i am playing GTA online, Naruto, PES, Last of US, DOA & Batman Arkham Origins & i am not thinking of playing Call of Duty it didn't even cross my mind.

    3 - If you're going to buy an original disc & i would recommend you to buy an original PS3 as well, to completely avoid the risk of getting banned.

    Because in my opinion its only a matter of time, i am playing for more than a year & i am not banned yet i guess the odds are with me.

    I hope this post helps, have a nice day.

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    ripplar Guest
    You could also dual boot and use ofw for online the boot to cfw for offline. I believe psn looks for sys calls. That's how the see if you are using a cfw or not. But if you use an ofw there is not risk. E3 works great for dual booting.

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