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    arktos Guest

    Get Bonus DLC Material without updating ps3 help?

    i've bought the special edition for inFAMOUS 2 and now i want to get the bonus material such as Gold Amp or Electro Grenade. now i tried this media go app but there seems no way to download the content on pc. i can put in the code but there is no download button. there are now 5 items in download section in the media go suite but no link nothing.

    is there any other way to download the dlc without logging with my ps3? i don't want to lose my Rebug fw.

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    severusx Guest
    Please use the search feature before posting questions.

    All PS3 DLC must be authenticated via PSN before it can be used on a PS3. There is currently no access to PSN for CFW users, so you will not be able to install any DLC.

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