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Thread: General PS3 question.

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    Siptang Guest

    General PS3 question.

    ok, I got my parents ps3.

    She really wants to watch videos from this website. Here's a link

    PS's web browser wouldn't open it. (unsupported file)
    Any way to play it on ps3 browser?

    If not,

    I'm looking at yellow dog linux 6.1.
    If I were to install this would I be able to:

    1.) Watch blu-rays at full 1080p (my parents tv is 1080p and i remember earlier versions of linux couldn't get access to the graphics card)

    2.) Watch that video link that I provided without installing anything else?

    Any input would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,


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    Bebop206 Guest


    you should try to access the main frame and seeing if it is an internal problem..

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    Soundpunk Guest
    i dont think it would be able to display full 1080p though.

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