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Thread: General console problem help?

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    sullan Guest

    General console problem help?

    Kind of a followup to this thread. I uninstalled EVERYTHING but the problem seems deeper...

    When im booting my console without my ps3key and with original game (ac3) in player, the game doesnt show in "game". I have to eject and reload the disc.

    When I press the ps-button to quit the game, xbm shows fadely and then its locked. Have to pull the plug. I have tried to start and stop the console to get a "clean" bootup and shutdown but once in a while it wants to send failure report to the sony-team.

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    Cevapi Guest
    That's odd. Try backing up your saved game files and reformat your PS3s HDD. That might clear up some of those issues your are having.

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    sullan Guest
    I'll try that. Maybe put a larger disk when i'm on the go.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Try to use my cfw and if the proplem still is present then your loader files and system files from the CXD will be corrupted im guess.

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    sullan Guest
    Where can I find your fw? Feels a bit drastic, have I destroyed my kids PS3...?

    Edit: Found it...

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Recovery menu, install firmware, reinstall 3.41. Sounds like something is corrupt to me, this should fix the problem, but remember you should only write to the firmware some 1000 times... so don't do it over and over, if it doesn't fix your problem its the hdd.

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