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Thread: Games Recommendation

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    AssassinPS3 Guest

    Games Recommendation

    I enjoy playing stealth or “loner” games as in Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, Star Wars Bounty Hunter and Deer Hunter.

    I’m not an “avid” gamer; I just enjoy playing these types of games.

    Can anyone recommend any game(s) that are similar to these games?

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    endlessflood Guest
    Far Cry 2 might interest you. Stealth is not always a big part of it, but there is a lot of freedom in terms of how you approach the game. You can snipe enemies from a distance, sneak in and take them out with suppressed weapons, or go in all guns blazing.

    All tactics are effective in their own ways. It's an open world game so it's a little different to other FPS games, and has that "loner" aspect to it where you're kind of left to your own devices.

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    AssassinPS3 Guest
    Great! Thank you..

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    AssassinPS3 Guest
    I was talking to a gentleman at GameStop and told him what types of games I play and that I'm looking for a new game that is similar. He recommended Heavenly Sword. What are your thoughts on this game? Would you recommend this? I know it preference, but do you think it would measure up to Splinter Cell or Assassin’s Creed?

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    If you are looking for some stealth check out metal gear solid 4, if you have a ps3 backward compatible you can even buy metal gear 1, 2 and 3 for 30 bucks and all those games are above 9 average because they are really good and are based on stealth, check them out.

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    h1ghl4nd3r Guest
    Prince of Persia is coming out soon! That game is pretty cool, its made by the same folks that made Assassins Creed... heavenly sword is pretty cool too. And like what they said, Metal Gear rocks and Far Cry 2 is pretty cool... and that Force Unleashed is awesome... kinda short though

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I also forgot to mention with my backward compatible post that if you can get a copy of beyond good and evil that game made me feel like I was playing splinter cell a lot.

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    cheatman Guest
    there is a game called velvet assassin not sure on release date but thats based on stealth.

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    ez345 Guest

    star wars force unleashed

    star wars is a great game... i like the freedom to run around and kill whoever you want... while also building your powers as a jedi.

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    AssassinPS3 Guest
    Wow, thanks for the feedback.

    I viewed the trailer on the games you have suggested and I'm drawn to Prince of Persia, Star Wars and Velvet Assassin. But the Velvet Assassin if for the PC and Xbox console.

    Is Far Cry a third person game?

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