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Thread: Games Recommendation

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    SiZMiK Guest
    Heavenly sword is great, and can be picked up cheap now.

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    ikaro Guest
    Im waiting for killzone 2..

    Mirror edge rules!

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    ric3189 Guest
    heavenly sword looks like a good game to play!

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    bubba24 Guest
    Call of duty 5 looks sweet, it has a bit of sneaking around..
    metal gear is good too
    rainbow six vegas

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    jdc03730 Guest
    tomb raider is too short

    But DARK SPACE is A BIG game i would say get that if you are in to these types of games!

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    AssassinPS3 Guest
    Thanks for all your inputs! Gave me a lot of info to research.

    I purchased Heavenly Sword. So for so good.

    I also picked up Medal Of Honor Airborne... Not sure if it is me, but Iím having trouble maneuvering Travis Boyd. I played the PC version (MOHAA) a few years back and I loved it. Had no problems moving around. I'll keep trying and hopefully master the controls.

    I'll wait for Far Cry 2 to drop in price.

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    hethg Guest

    heavenly sword

    I personally didn't think that heavenly sword was a good game. The only good thing about it is the graphics.

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    jevolution Guest
    I think heavenly sword and metal gear solid 4 are must haves for the ps3 but thats just my 2cents... you won't be disappointed though

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