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    thegboat Guest
    I am at work now for rest of today...

    I really appreciate your help! I will load the new hex as soon as I get home tonight and report back.

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    costocart Guest

    1. try checking the ps3 compatibility list for the game you are having trouble playing.
    2. go to the gaia manager thread and use the hex supplied by drizzt and use the latest gaia manager.
    3. maybe its a problem with the copy of the game. try ripping the game again from its original disc.

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    thegboat Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Hi Guys, Just got home from work...

    I tried the latest hex file you sent over, getting the same error code.

    1. checked the list, and if I am reading correctly... nothing out of the ordinarry, they should be working fine.
    2. will try this now
    3. same here, will delete the current backup and try again. Hope its not this one as its happening for all my games, have so many backed up now.

    Do you think this could have anything to do with my 3.41 upgrade? My ps3 was updated via usb key right when the teensy arrived in the mail. I guess the real question is, can you install another 3.41 upgrade if another source is tried?



    1. done
    2. updated the hex with the one supplied by drizzt, was already using the most recent gaia manager so no need to update. still got the same error.
    3. used gaia manager to delete the original backup, gave the disc a gold old cleaning, copied the backup again using gaia, and presto! the backup started to work once loaded to the ps3 menu.

    thank you both very much for your replies and support!

    I learned a hard lesson today... check the backup after each rip, its as simple as that.

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    costocart Guest
    there could be 2 reasons for the problem you are having:

    1. the eboot.bin is not properly copied/configured when you first ripped the game using other/earlier backup manager
    2. the backup game is just corrupted

    i'm no expert. this is just my 2 cents. glad i could help thanks for sharing your findings.

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