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    elser1 Guest

    Games load to black screen help?

    Firstly, hello everyone.thanks for the amazing site.. excellent. glad i found it thats for sure..

    sorry for the noobish botherance LOL.. obviously i'm no expert or programmer.. i am wondering if anyone may be able to assist me, i have so far 3 games that when i try to load them they go to black screen.. then ps3 freezes.. just wondering why this is and what causes it to happen.. and of course any solutions to get game working, games are:

    tiger woods pga tour 11
    heavy rain
    saw (downloaded)

    i am using ps3 break.1.1
    open manager 1.161

    ripping the games to my external hdd black screen happens when patched or normal and loading directly as well as from xmb..with disc and without disc. unfortunately i cant copy to my internal ps3 drive.. measly 40gig version (full)

    also games i have working fine are:

    mafia 2
    the simpsons
    need for speed prostreet
    virtua fighter 5
    dead rising 2
    f.e.a.r. 2 project origin
    ufc 2009 undisputed

    thank you if you can help.. i'm going to try update ps3 break to burner file V1.3b to see what that does..

    much appreciated.

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    MURTADA14 Guest
    i have copied gtaiv without game data freezen ps3.and i have copied it with game data Works well

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    moose579 Guest
    ftp to your ps3, remove the game files you already have on the ps3...to free up some room, then ftp the games you want on to the ps3 hdd, alot of games wont boot from the external hdd yet

    better to boot from ps3 hdd

    then they will work

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