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Thread: Games on internal drive double size after install?

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    JAxXBOSS Guest

    Games on internal drive double size after install?

    So i have 7 games on my 150gb internal. I see now that I have 25gb available. Nope, dont have but a couple with save data, so Im guessing that when the game is first played, it has to (re)instal the data to the hard drive-(like it would if it was a disc).

    So for example. resident evil 5 is about 11 gb.. I "groove" it to my internal, then when I play it the ps3 tells me it has to "instal' it to the hard drive.

    This essentially makes it so that most games take up twice as much space since the ps3 has to instal the game on the hard drive since it thinks it is looking at the actual game disc.

    Am I off base here, missing anything or am I just wrong?

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    lowskill Guest
    you are right, you have to install it twice to play.

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    svennie1992 Guest
    that why with a lot of games you can better have them on a usb hdd so that you can safe a lot of space when installing them on the internal hdd.

    i myself have a 60gb hdd. for me its impossible too even install a game on the internal hdd. i have too remove the installed game data sometimes so that i can even play an other game. like gran turismo 5 prologue has a 5.8 gb install, and this is around the same size as the game itself.

    as you can see, you can try you reduce the size back too around 6gb. if you can look through the files and notice a big install file, you can try too delete that after you have installed it. the same it with ratchet and clank quest for booty.

    and off topic (cause i cant open one yet) i really need a debug update link of the game fallout 3 game id:BLUS30185 ty in advance

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    CJPC Guest
    Next time, you should reply in the thread for Debug PKG's in the debug forums, but check here. I just added the Fallout 3 debug patch!

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    IHM Guest
    Ok guys hold on, so if we have an external drive, and then install from there, will it then run form the internal, or we still need to keep the external connected?

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    dazza4783 Guest
    If the game installs to your ps3, and if the install is the same, or almost the same as the game itself, then simply delete the game data from your backup manager folder, all you should need now is the eboot and sfo.

    It is basically like playing games on a pc, all of the game data installs to your hard drive, you just need the disc, or in this case the eboot, to run the game. Have tested this with wipeout and it works, haven't tried any others but see no reason why it wouldnt work. Hope this helps.

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    OK we have enough of the same here, time to close this one up- do not start a new thread on this JAxXBOSS.

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