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    Newbie Hitsquad01's Avatar
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    May 2008

    [UnAnswered] In-game XMB?

    I was just wondering if there was any time table as far as in-game XMB like maybe an approximate release date? I know its supposed to be sometime this summer but I was wondering if anyone had a better time-frame?

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    Contributor SSJX's Avatar
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    May 2008

    it's rumored to be in the next PS3 Firmware update v2.40
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    Contributor coco97's Avatar
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    Apr 2008

    do you mean this

    i think it is just post effect.

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    i hope it comes soon... it would make adding buddies a lot easier

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    coco thats a real old video because there is only three things in the xmb, and we know theres about 8-9 now.

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    Hey room. Any extra info on this would be great.

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    Newbie adnix's Avatar
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    May 2008

    Hm i dont think it comes with the next Firmware.. but i hope so!!!

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    Newbie rrzo's Avatar
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    May 2008

    hopefully they release it soon.. i want access to the mediaplayer while playing games

    -- rrzo

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    Its already in DEV 2.40 Firmware so they could work on the new trophy feature.

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    10-14th of june looks good for the release date.


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