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Thread: In-game XMB?

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    Grey Goshawk Guest
    yeah, seems like trophies and voice chat will be the highlights of this update.

    As well as the TIME!

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    triforcesnake Guest
    i hope it's on the 10th, but i think they'll delay it until they have it PERFECT.

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    NessD Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rrzo View Post
    hopefully they release it soon.. i want access to the mediaplayer while playing games

    -- rrzo
    Yeah, that would be awesome. That's one of the few things I missed about the PS3: Custom Soundtracks

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    Grey Goshawk Guest
    seems like the date is going to be the 18th.

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    sakkie69 Guest
    Wonder how trophies are going to work for existing games which you've finished? Will you load up old save games and get trophies for what you achieved in the past or will you have to play them again?

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    hubert5 Guest
    it should be in the next firmware... i think!

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    LordZoo Guest
    How soon is this coming out? Because there are some rumors going around saying it's gonna come out in July.

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    mattfish Guest
    Hopefully we will not need to play the games that we have completed. The news on the front page it is rumored to be coming out mid / late June..

    The video of 2.40 firmware looks very cool..

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    paranormalix Guest
    can you give me a link to the video?

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