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    Unhappy game updates fails to install help?

    hey guys, i keep getting error while trying to install game updates, for example Race driver Grid,it need update file to work on internal.

    i've tried putting th PKG onto usbstick and then via "install packages" but each time i'm getting error 80029563

    then i tested PS3 demo manager

    followed all steps: boot PS3 without JB and hit the "install demo" in game menu, same thing, needs it internet? tested both though.. same thing!

    is it coming from the payload i use? pls help me out on this,excuse for the stupid question but i can't find the answer to this.

    hermesv4b teensy v2.0++ at90usb1286 16Mhz.hex

    thanks anyway

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    I don't believe you have to use a downloaded update just start the game and let it update on it's ever since Hv4b games update and install just fine, if that doesn't work make sure the pkg file you are installing is for your region and your matches your game id. Yes you can update game without updating Ps3..

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    thx for reply, if i understand, i can logon to psn? check if there's any gameupdate and let it install?

    i'm sure using the right update for the game:



    each time it fails on install (no internet conn), the game is installed first?, then boot it, back and XMB menu i'll pick "install packages" but again it fails

    if i boot PS3 whitout JB, there's no way i can run the Pkg, at least i don't see how?

    Edit: damn, i'm stupid, it's fixed, i was a bit afraid going online, game GRID updated fine

    thx again babyjoe00069 and THIS topic!

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