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    Exclamation Which game has most players online?

    I was just wondering if there is a way to check which game has most players playing online?

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    how about COD4?

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    I guess Warhawk, CoD4, Burnout Paradise...

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    UT3 warhawk , cod4

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    * Most players online, on every server in total?
    * Most players online max per server?

    Resistance: Fall of man has 40 per server, but yeah probably Call of Duty 4 for overall population

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    I agree that cod4 has the most. Probably due to the relative age of the game. Because both games are excellent online.

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    Most people from Resistance (that I know) have now switched to CoD4 online. Although, when Resistance 2 and MGO come out..then we'll see what happens. :]

    Hopefully COD5 comes out in '09. ^___^

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    I have only played Warhawk online, and there are always plenty of people.

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