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Thread: Game download files are completely unsorted?

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    dboy1612 Guest

    Game download files are completely unsorted?

    Okay, here's a weird one for you guys.

    I recently downloaded Soul Calibur IV for my little brother, and after extracting the download I realized that all the files were completely unsorted. No PS3_Game directory, no USRDIR, nada; they were all in one single directory.

    I gave it a shot and plugged it in my PS3 anyway, but no luck.

    I double checked that I didn't extract the archive incorrectly, it's actually like that within the RARs too. Now I know redownloading from a different source is an option, but unfortunately I'm really on limited bandwidth, so I'm kinda trying to work with what I have.

    Does anyone have any methods that could work to help me out? It'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    SAiNT HiTMAN Guest


    You got a crap backup copy. The way the game should be copied is i show eg:

    Medal of Honor first is this "BLES-01108" that has everything inside it, then you should have files inside like "PS3_GAME, PS3_DISC.SFB, and so on for some different games.

    So it is probably useless.

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    maxdb1984 Guest
    You need to downoad the zip file then extract so the folders are there. Unfortunately not every PS3 game has the same sub folder structure so it would prob best to download again and not use crappy programs such as Newsrover to download the files (from experience lol)

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    Joni208 Guest
    I think that you got a crappy backup because the same thing had happened to me. Maybe you should look around for another backup copy and it will work.

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