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    Game Backups on PS3 help?

    i don't get it sorry but i'm very confused, keep reading and can't find something clear about backup games on ps3, the way to put them on ps3 can't be on iso format right? so i need an usb for put them on the ps3?

    sorry, prolly its something old, but i'm very new on ps3 stuffs, thanks

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    is your ps3 hacked first off and what firmware is your ps3 on?

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    my ps3 is on 3.55 fw, ima try to install cfw 4.30, someone told me you can play online games with rogero

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    Update to that CFW, and then download either Multiman or Iris manager to copy and play back up games

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    and be very selective what games you play online sony is now banning consoles so be careful.

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