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Thread: Game Backups freeze

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    spiderjam786 Guest

    Game Backups freeze

    Hi, i bought a ps break usb for jailbreaking my ps3. I have 7 games, i backup all the games but only 1 works, i backed them all up in the internal hard drive.

    The ones that dont work, i backed them up with no problem but the only problem is when i click X and it goes to the game menu again to play, i click on the cd but the system freezes with the wavey lines frozen in background. I have enough hard drive space like 50gb left.

    My ps3 is a 120gb , i have tried to play alien vs predator, tekken 6, split second, need for speed drift. All of the games backup but they dont play when i sleect them the ps3 just freezes, Only 1 game works and that Dragonball raging blast. Please help.

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    kAs1m Guest
    It's because of game patches. You have to delete all of patches/data of that games before you trying to run it.

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    spiderjam786 Guest

    Thumbs Up Thanx Man

    your a genius bro thanx a lot, this guy knows his stuff !!!

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