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Thread: Gaia reinstall help?

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    mrfuse Guest

    Gaia reinstall help?

    Hi, I recently installed the latest version of Gaia as previously I was using open manager and because i didnt realise that Gaia used a different file location i deleted it without realising i could edit where Gaia looked for the internal drive location.

    Anyway I decided to install Gaia again and when i do it succesfully installs but i don't see it in the list of Apps?

    How do i get to install Gaia again i tried deleting the Gaia folder that was installed but it didn't make a difference and ive tried different versions but that doesnt work either.

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    MorporgX Guest
    You must go into service mode (hold power button until your PS3 is off and than again hold it until You hear "beep,beep", service screen should appear connect your game pad on usb cable and try too restore your database... New metadata will be created and all "hidden" files should now be visible (like GAIA). Good luck, mate.

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    mrfuse Guest
    MorporgX you are a genius mate. i've asked this question all over the place and no one knew the answer. that worked, thank you.

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