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Thread: Gaia Manager or PS3 problem help?

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    addicts93 Guest

    Exclamation Gaia Manager or PS3 problem help?

    I have a really bad problem i think ... and i'm a rookie with this things ... so here it goes (i got 3.41/3.55 JB & Gaia manager):

    1. I accidentaly started AC Brotherhood without original CD in (i forgot) and the console just froze and after i restarted the console the icons were not loading and i couldn't enter.

    2. I fixed that problem by Rebuilding the database on my PS3 , but after i rebuild it , 2 icons with Data Corrupted appeared on the menu Game section.

    3. The games worked after , but my brother deleted one : Data Corrupted and all the games were deleted from the ps3 (i got only internal hdd) and i tried to copy them again , but when i entered in FilleZilla i noticed that some folders are missing even the one that is called : LAUN12345 and a few others that i can't remember... i made a new LAUN12345 folder.

    i've installed some new games but when i enter in Gaia Manager doesn't recognize them. Please i need a big help on this matter cause i can't play on my PS3 now.

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    masterj360 Guest
    re update your CFW

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    BluRay Guest
    Gaia is very outdated, go with MultiMan or Iris to make sure the manager isn't to blame.

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    addicts93 Guest
    As i said , i'm a rookie ... could you please be kind post a link for me , to learn a tutorial how to install MultiMan ? ^_^

    Sorry for double post ... so i found out how to install multiman ... my custom firmware is 3.41 or 3.55 both games work anyway... so i just install multi man , and all is good ?

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    Liongooder Guest
    The best solution for you is to install Rogero 4.30 V 2.05 CFW, i think you'll like it, you can play all the latest games & of course you can install multiman, definitely you'll like it.

    P.S: if you don't know how to do it, we can provide with intellectual or spiritual understanding. PEACE

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    addicts93 Guest
    I fixed it Took me awhile , and also i installed Multiman. so my ps3 version is 3.41 SC-8 Hermes ... and now i got another question ... Will my JB still work if i update my system to 3.55 ? or i need another usb stick with JB at that version ?

    Liongooder if i would know how to do it and if you say that more games will work , than i will seek guidance ^_^. Thank you all for the advice , almost made an heart attack but with you're help i've solved it

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    Liongooder Guest
    If you're planning to update to Rogero CFW, i'll show ya, first of all you download this update PUP:

    Once you download it rename it so it would look like this: PS3UPDAT.PUP

    Then create a folder on your External HDD like this: PS3/UPDATE/

    You put PS3UPDAT.PUP in here.

    After that plug the HDD in your PS3. Go to update & choose update via storage media follow the instructions & voila.

    I hope this will help.

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