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    Ryu009 Guest

    Cool Functional PS3 Emulator?

    Is there a real functional ps3 emulator out there already? The ps2 emulators available are barely playable so i doubt the ps3 emulators will be much better if they even work. Anyone have any comments or feedback please post a reply.

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    plavkic Guest
    i think not. cheers

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    pacific808 Guest
    No there is no emulator. I can state a bunch of facts to prove it.

    1. There is no current processor that can match the cell processor in the ps3. It has 7 spus running at 3.2ghz.
    2. Because intel (x86 I believe) is the most popular processor type the Cell (PPC) would have to be emulated. This requires an even more powerful processor than the cell. (You would need a render farm for this kind of power)
    3. You would need the sony firmware to be cracked and no one has done it yet.
    4. You would also need to have massive hdd's (at least 80gb for os, emulator, and "ONE" good iso) or you would need at least a 80gb hdd and a bluray burner to burn iso to run them from.
    5. You would also need a really really really good graphics card. Like 2 or 4 sli nvidias?
    6. This setup alone would cost thousands of dollars. SAVE THE MONEY and buy a real ps3.

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    JEFFZURN Guest
    I'm a rookie here, but I saw emulators on this website, do they not work either?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    There are some Emulators here that run on PS3 (Genesis/SNES) as well as on PS2, and there are some PS2 Emulators for PC (PCSX2, nSX2, etc) but the O.P. was referring to a PS3 emulator... that is, one which emulates the PS3 on the PC.

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    JEFFZURN Guest
    My apologizes, yeah that would take quite the computer to pull that off, has anybody had any luck with the SNES emulators? Sounds like a process

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