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    robotjox Guest

    Unhappy FTP server keeps crashing


    I'm using filezilla to transfer files from the pc to the ps3. It works fine, but sadly the ps3 ftp server keeps crashing on me. To restart it I always have to go back to the ps3 menu and then launch the ftp server again. It's really annoying when you're transferring a lot of files.

    I know the ftp server is unstable right now, but I was wondering if I could do anything to get better stability?


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    PedoBear Guest
    Hope this helps you:

    in Filezilla go to File>Site Manager

    Add your Ip, username, pass, port 21

    Select the transfer settings and

    in transfer mode select "active"

    and limit maximum number of connections to 1

    hope that helps, although from what you said, if this doesn't solve the problem, it's about the FTP server itself... which I have no idea how deal with

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    BwE Guest
    use winscp - works best for me.

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