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    ftp running slow help?

    my ftp was running at 1mbit, but now its only running at 100kbits, can virgin slow this down, or is there a problem with it

    i used to transfer games very fast, but now they will take weeks just for 1 game to transfer

    i'm sure virgin my internet provider is slowing this down

    does anyone know of any changers i could make to get it back running fast like it was doing?

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    How is your PS3 connected to your PC (or MAC) - via wireless or wired to your (Virgin) router? In principle ISP / Virgin have no impact on the INTERNAL connection speed between your devices at home - only on your download / upload speeds from / to Internet.

    As a test - try to connect your PS3 directly via network cable to your PC - for instructions on setting the IPs manually have a look here

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    I'm guessing you mean ps3 ftp?

    if your connecting to it via LOCAL ip then it should max out your setup.

    your internet provider shouldn't be involved at all?

    EDIT: Answered before me

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    I'm on virgin also in the UK. Don't think they even do a 1 meg internet line anymore ! 10 / 20 or 50 meg

    Anyhow - see their traffic shaping rules:

    Doesn't apply to PS3 ftp over a network though obviously.

    Currently downloading a PS3 game now from there freely supplied newsgroups at 1 meg a second (on 10 meg line). After a few gig does drop to 290k though :-(


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    i dont have a problem with my ps3 ftp, but with pc's i have to hook them up to their own network off the web to get it to go but it goes 75Mb/s

    try just hooking your pc to your router and your ps3 nothing else, no modem/internet if that doesnt work you might need to port forward

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    Virgin cannot affect your Local speeds at all as its between your computer and your PS3 not using the internet at all. What might be a problem is that its connected through a router which slows it down. Try connecting it direct to your PC (or Mac) which will give the highest speeds possible but it will mean you'll have to do some networking. Follow the link GrandpaHomer has posted.

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