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Thread: FTP from pc to ps3 using crossover cable?

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    SkFlinch Guest

    FTP from pc to ps3 using crossover cable?

    Hey can anyone please help me get this to work I have tried everything. If you can post a link or tell me how to connect my ps3 to my pc using a crossover cable!

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    Demon Cleaner Guest
    Just plug the cable coming from your PS3 into your modem or router.

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    SkFlinch Guest
    I am trying to do this but it isnt working can any one help?

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    bmoretoga Guest
    you actually dont need a crossover cable,you can just regular ethernet cable since the ps3 is auto sensing.

    Try this method and see if it works:

    Connect PS3 and PC directly via Ethernet.

    Make you PC static IP, subnet, gateway, dns

    Make your PS3 static IP, same subnet, gateway, and dns as the PC. Make sure to enable UPnP.

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    Justin121994 Guest
    What and how would you do that sir @bmoretoga?

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    isogoofe Guest
    This is a total Pain in the butt with win7 (that is until you accomplish it) I have two laptops, two routers, 1 desktop w/NIC and popcorn hur a110, xb360, wifi wii. Im telling you I had a heck of a time not robbing peter to pay paul to get a connection. The whole time I didnt realize that my system had to be JB first.

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    lyoth Guest
    you need a crossover cable if you want to plug it directly to your pc, that is what i use to stream movie off my pc to ps3. First you need a computer with 2 ethernet port, or 1 ethernet port with wireless internet. then go to control panel->network connection-> you should see 2 local area network if you are using 2 ethernet port, and 1 wireless and 1 area network if you are using it with wireless->highlight both of them->right click->bridge. and the cossover cable one end looks like a normal ethernet color plug that one to the computer, and the odd color side go to your ps3.

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    isogoofe Guest
    Best option here is to wire everything into a router. Just install one cable (in the roof or along the floor under carpet etc) from where the router is to where your ps3 and PC sit. Then grab yourself a cheap 4 or 8 port switch to plug into the cable from your router and then wire in the PC and PS3 to the switch.

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    SkFlinch Guest
    figured it out what I had to do was of course use a crossover cable then I had to right click on my wifi adapter then click properties then click advance then click share and then goto ps3 and make sure you pull an ip and there you go I am getting transfer speeds of 30Mbps!

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    shabutie78 Guest
    actually, all you have to do is bridge your wifi and ethernet connections, then on the ps3 you setup a wired network like you would usually do it. there you go, your ps3 is bridged to your computer via crossover cable. 20-40MB/s

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