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Thread: FTP location of my PS3 Videos?

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    Natas999 Guest

    FTP location of my PS3 Videos?

    Does anyone know where the PS3 stores the videos that you copy into it? I've been looking for a while and I can't find it.

    I want to know the location cause I want to try to copy some videos that are over 4Gigs into it with Filezilla or Awesome Manager.


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    costocart Guest
    sorry if i'm wrong but try this: dev_hdd0/video/

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    Natas999 Guest
    No, It's not in there. Only a video that I got from PSN is there. A video that i copied from a USB stick is not in there but it does show up in the XMB.

    Maybe it is in there but my FTP app wasn't showing it.

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    costocart Guest
    1. Try different ps3 ftp or different ftp client.
    2. Try dropping compatible video/movie file into the dev_hdd0/video folder using ftp and see what happens in xmb.

    i would try this myself but unfortunately i don't have a display device for my ps3 right now.

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    Natas999 Guest
    Ok, I checked again and the video that I copied from the USB stick is in there.

    However, whenever I copy a video in there (dev_hdd0/video/ )
    It doesn't show up on the XMB.
    I noticed that that the videos get copied into some folder.


    I tried making a folder for my video that I put in there through FTP but it doesn't show up in the XMB.

    I just renamed the 4GB+ video so I was the same as one of the videos on the XMB. Even the extension. Then I copied it into the same place as that video. Overwrite the old one. You should also delete any other files on that folder. Only the video should be there.

    4GB Video - 4gigvideo.mpeg
    PS3 video - xmbps3video.avi

    rename 4gigvideo.mpeg to - xmbps3video.avi
    Put the NEW xmbps3video.avi into PS3 location - /dev_hdd0/video/fi
    Or whatever the OLD xmbps3video.avi used to be in.

    You can now play it on the XMB. I hope someone knows a better way to do this.

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