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    immortalmods Guest

    FTP Error won't connect help?

    in filezilla i sometimes get this error but now i cant fix it. i'm using filezilla with openftpserver 1.4:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    it always get stuck on MLSD 150 ACCEPTED DATA CONNECTION then errors out.

    it pisses me off. please help, what am i doing wrong i got right ip and i even put port to 21?

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    daveshooter Guest
    I would say it would most likely be a router or firewall issue, but there is a history with Filezilla and this problem before. Are you a firefox user, maybe try their ftp plug-in, and see if you can connect to your ps3 with that.

    If not have you thought about using a dynamic IP? and setting the ports on your router, or connecting direct, not though a router? Also with in FileZilla under settings have a play with the Timeout settings, maybe change that to 0, and the Max retries to 5. Or use Blackbox or deanrr's

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