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Thread: Frequent PS3 crashing since 4.00 update help?

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    ValleyForge Guest

    Exclamation Frequent PS3 crashing since 4.00 update help?

    Hey guys, I'm new here

    So when my PS3 was on version 3.xx, there was minimal freezing and seemingly no serious problems. I continually did every update available, just the average user.

    It seems that after the 4.00 update, I have not been able to play many intensive games like Uncharted 3, MAG, Motorstorm: Apocolypse, etc. without it freezing up and, after a forced-reboot, "checking and restoring the filesystem". I understand that this automatic check and restore of the filesystem after any crash can be important in the case that a file was being used and got corrupted... but it is quite annoying.

    So, I was wondering if there is a way to restore it back to, say, version 3.73. As for backing up data, I have an external USB HDD that I think I can use. As for restoring to 3.73, is there a file that I can put on a USB flash drive and restore to with no other problems (eg. connecting to PSN)?


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    Natepig Guest
    Once you have updated to a firmware higher than 3.55 its impossible to come back without the use of a hardware flasher. This involes opening your ps3 and purchasing stuff that is not casual user friendly. If memory serves me correctly when it sais that it is checking and restoring file system, you can press the circle button and skip it. I could be wrong about this though. The freezing you speak of may indicate a problem with your hdd, and it might be a good idea to replace it if you can.

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    ionbladez Guest
    I've had this problem for over a year with multiple PS3's with a few different games.

    it's the power supply getting to hot, and the GPU is trying to pull more power and the power supply is basically not supplying what it should be, so the gpu locks up.

    Happened with my PC before I upgraded my power supply, but you just need to keep your PS3 cool. maybe move it to a cooler spot in the room, don't keep it under the TV in a case, etc

    forgot to mention that with every update, there are hidden things $ony adds to the background processes table. that or they just break the system little by little.

    world domination? I think so.

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    ValleyForge Guest
    Ah, I see... too bad. After a crash, when I next turn it on it goes to the checking and restoring the filesystem screen, and there are no controllers yet connected/connectable; no buttons to press. As for replacing the HDD, is this the one which is easily accessible from the side? Will something like this work:

    As you can see, the $20 off coupon ends today, so quick reply please

    Will try that, thanks guys!

    Edit: Well, I got the above hard drive... and I now plan to backup the data from the existing hard drive to an extra one I have, installing the new one, and restore the data from the extra one. Will post back with results.

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