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    tpaxx Guest

    Free up some space on the PS3 HDD help?


    I have a PS3 with 80GB HDD. I have few games on my HDD, and it I see that I have only 900mb free space left. But if I sum up everything I have installed I should have at least 3 to 4 GB free space. I think that the updates which were installed automatically (DNS trick) are stored somewhere (eg. the Heavy Rain update is 1,2GB). Give me some advice, where are the updates stored, and which files I could also remove?

    I will buy a new HDD, but not yet.


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    severusx Guest
    Well you can delete the Game Data from the XMB for games that you aren't playing, that will be the easiest way to free up a little space and get rid of updates. Also delete any media that you might have downloaded.

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    ph4rcyd3 Guest


    Dude, I was thinking about this issue last weekend. Since most PS3's out there don't have a big hd. Maybe a good idea was to, ftp to ps3, download to desk all the games installations, let only the ones you play the most. 7-zip the ones you downloaded, archive & swap, also using the ftp, as you need em'. As long as you don't run into "not enough space" issues, of course.

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    tpaxx Guest
    Yes, the problem is, I already removed everything I don't play. There are only the games left, that I play. Wasn't expecting that Heavy Rain needs about 5GB of HDD space (with update).

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    severusx Guest
    Yeah, there isn't a whole lot you can do then. I use the 500 GB one and only paid about $55 USD for it.

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