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Thread: Free service mode help on ps3 80 gb?

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    amd550 Guest

    Free service mode help on ps3 80 gb?

    Hi all i posted earlier about a ps3 rsod problem. i've tried the hd not helped. i'm certain it an update error as when the ps3 starts and get to the rsod screen when i hold done the ps button i can get the menu for shutting the thing down.

    Question is there is a patch on the net that helps with the rsod but requires free service mode. Now i dunno how to get it into fsm or what type of dongle to use. i think ones this patch is applied it should help but need help with the fsm.

    can someone tell me what type of dongle to use and how to put the files on it for fsm? thanks

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    windrider42 Guest

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