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Thread: Formula 1 controller problem with open manger?

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    stavv Guest

    Formula 1 controller problem with open manger?

    hello all, i have the ps3 break 1.0 and the open manger. i install the F1 its working (not stuck on the loading screen) but after the start video he says.. controller problem and why i connect a controller with USB he don't do nothing.. what i need to do ?

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    hassekf Guest
    Follow this steps:

    1) psgroove 1.1 or hemes 1.0 payload (need peek and poke).
    2) open manager 1.13

    1. Update to OpenBM 1.13.
    2. Go to GAME DATA in XMB & delete anything F1 related, if they so exists.
    3. Place F1 on the External USB.
    4. Launch OpenBM choose OMAN folder for games (say NO to LAUN12345 then YES to OMAN)(to do this, press L2+Start in openBM screen)
    5. Select F1, press O to copy to HDD.
    6. Once it finishes copying, select F1 (make sure indicator at bottom is saying HDD & not USB),
    7. Press R2 (top right area now says "PATCHED MODE") and Start F1.
    8. After returning to the XMB, launch the game. (Need a Disc on the Drive)

    Worked for me

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    stavv Guest
    i did all this .. but i think i have the Ps3 break thet not upgradable and i have the open bm 1.42 the better one ..

    what you say to me it if it stuck in the loading screen .. and for me it not stuck .. it just ask for controller ..

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    hassekf Guest
    no, i have that sync controller problem too, i did that steps and work here, but you need to update your jailbreaker, if you cant update it, dosen't matter if you have the newest OpenBm or the older, will behave like the same. The improvements to play F1, SSF4, etc, only work with the new payloads in psgroove 1.1 or above.

    If you can't update, you can't play them.

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    stavv Guest
    and you know if i can update ? i think i have the long one.. If i update somthing could stuck in my ps3break ?

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    hassekf Guest
    if there is an update option in the dongle, probably you can update. But i can say for sure cuz i don't have this one. I use the dingoo to jailbreak the ps3. Maybe someone here with the same as you can help.

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