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    cackalack Guest

    Question Formatting PS3 External to Fat32 help?

    I've just bought a second 1TB external hdd for use with JB PS3, the 1st 1 came formatted FAT32, but new 1 is NTFS, I'm running Win 7 Ultimate and need to know what programme I can use to format the drive, I tried dos command (cmd) to format but after 12 hours reached 99 percent then said the volume was too big for FAT32, I know of programmes such as swissknife, partition magic etc, but these won't run on Win 7, a solution to my problem greatly appreciated.

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    ice76cold Guest
    Try using this Download Easeus Partition Master software: download.cnet.com/Easeus-Partition-Master-Home-Edition/3000-2248_4-10863346.html

    If that didn't work, go to the official site of your external HD ans search for softwares. I know that western digital has a software that lets your format large partitions to fat32.

    Hope this helps!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Use this tool to format your external HDD.

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    adgloride Guest
    I can also recommend Easeus Partition Master Home Edition. As I formatted my 2.5" drive to FAT32 last week for the PS3.

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    cackalack Guest
    thanks for answers folks, will try the above and close thread when successful

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