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    azoreseuropa Guest

    Flower PSN Full - license ?


    I downloaded this .pkg from PS3 News Retail PlayStation Network (PSN) Links. I thank you for the share but I have a problem....

    I have hermes v4 and I am able to install it just fine. When I run this game. I got the message:

    This content can be used if you renew the license in Playstation Store

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    cfwprophet Guest
    This is correct.The games have a protection and search for a license file the so called .rif

    Without that the game wont run. Even someone will share such a .rif license file from his purchased game with you it wouldnt work.

  3. #3
    azoreseuropa Guest
    I saw the Flower patch.. Will it fix this install to be playable ?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Yep, you can make it run with a Patch !

    Today I played Burn Zombie Burn! on my Jailbroken PS3.

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    kyyylekey Guest
    No one that I know has been able to get Flower to work yet (amongst many others). It seems to me that although some PSN games work, the majority don't.

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