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    fisher42uk Guest

    Flashing red light, disc stuck in drive help?

    Well tonight my phat ps3 decided to turn off 5 min after starting a game of MW2 and now refuses to switch back on. Any idea how to get my disc out and what is wrong/how can i fix the ps3.

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    Kadamose Guest
    Doing a search on the subject, it suggests three things:

    1 - Restart your console.
    2 - Take out all cables, and plug them back in.
    3 - Take out the hard-drive, and place it back in your PS3 console.

    From what I've read, the blinking red light error is usually fixed by tinkering with the hard drive. Hope that helps.

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    fisher42uk Guest
    Thanks for the response, i've tried all of the above and unfortunately its stipp the same. I think it may be the power supply that has gone butnot sure if its worth buying a new one incase its not. I only just got a new ps3 10 days ago to keep on 3.41 so looks like i'll be buying 2 ps3's in the space of 2 weeks. Just want my disc back out. Can you connect the blu ray drive to a pc to eject the disc or will it have the little hole on the front like a normal drive to eject when powered off.

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    Kadamose Guest
    It could be that your hard drive is completely dead. If that's the case, the PS3 won't turn on anyway. With that said, if you have a spare hard drive lying around somewhere, try inserting it into the PS3 and reformatting. If that doesn't work, then you can open up your PS3 case, and check and see if the fan is working.

    A malfunctioning PS3 fan will also cause the red light error. Luckily, these are easily repairable and cheap. If the fan is working normally, however, and you are still having issues, you can manually eject the disc you have in your drive by prying off the front cover of the drive - there are several youtube videos which will show you how to do this safely. Good luck!

    And if you want to take the risk, you can follow this guide on youtube:

    Watch all 6 parts!

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    fisher42uk Guest
    Thanks for the video links, i've changed the drive back to the original 40gb as its got 160gb in it and still has the same issues will take it apart tomorrow and see if the fan is the issue. How do i check if the fan is broken? do I just disconnect it and see if it boots. Will teach me for using aimbot online in mw2, 63 kills and ps3 dies

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    enohand Guest
    FYI my 60gb launch died on me as well...take notice when you firts boot it up, does the light go green then a flash of yellow then blink red?

    if so you have just experienced the YLOD, it tried everything to fix, only thing that worked was to reflow

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    kkbc Guest
    Had the same issue as well with my launch 60gb. I think it must be the YLOD also as mentioned above. Best option to get the disc out is to reflow. That should also get it working enough for you to transfer data to a new unit.

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    sykoNsc Guest
    actually best option for getting disc out is taking the drive apart, it's not hard to get to and takes no more than 10 mins to take apart and put back together

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