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Thread: flashed hermes v4b hex, now device isn't working help?

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    gehx Guest

    Unhappy flashed hermes v4b hex, now device isn't working help?

    like the title says, I flashed hermesv4b avropendous at90usb162 8Mhz.hex to my jb device... when I plug it into my ps3, press power then eject it lights up green... however, I'm unable to run homebrew. So I was gonna flash another hex file... now xp doesn't even see the device as connected to my machine... nothing shows up in device manager, thus i'm unable to erase the chip... this is the device i'm using.

    any help would be great...

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    Krisdog Guest
    When you flash the JB you more that likely had a bad file, happens a lot more than you think. Did you interrupt the flashing process? Did you use atmel/flip? If I'm not mistaken your JB is past the point of no return. If it's not being recognized , then you will never be able to re-flash psgrooves or hermes v4b (if that's what was desired.) If your pc dosen't recognize the chip it's shot. It is the ugly truth. Hope this helped save you time, buy a new one they are plentiful and cheap now.

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