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    Prince Valiant Registered User

    Fixing PS3 EBOOTs for 3.41 JB help?

    I'm able to decrypt eboots without issue, I'm at a loss for what I'm supposed to do next. The specific eboot I'm trying to fix is Ar Tonelico Qoga, the required firmware is 3.55, if that matters. Somewhat related, I cannot get the regular version of makeself to work, only the npdrm.

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    Realee Registered User
    Wouldn't waste the time any more.

    Use a CFW 3.55. No need for the dongle and only need EBOOT fixes for games 3.56 or above!

    Plenty of options in the CFW forum on this site.

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    Prince Valiant Registered User
    As small as the risk of bricking the console is, I don't want to take it, thus, fixed eboots.

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    Realee Registered User
    You can check out (and ask for the modified EBOOT) the below post for the EBOOT

    As for recoding them I'm not sure. Done a few quick searches and can't seem to find any that will pack the eboot again for use.

    I'm yet to see ANY bricks from several CFW's (Kmeaw, Wanin v2 as examples)

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    Natepig Registered User
    Unless you have a fat ps3 the risk of bricking is next to none. If you read carefully and select a cfw that suits your model the best, and follow the insructions to the letter, you have nothing to worry about.

    Please could you tell me what model of ps3 you have?

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    Denida Registered User
    The bricking risk isn't really anything to be concerned about anymore, if that is why you don't wish to update you shouldn't let that hold you back, as 3.55 has much more support...

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    madmax69 Registered User
    Yes I would also CFW 3.55 and multiman will do the rest for you save you any messing about and major frustrations.

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