I fixed my last problem from last post, forgot to transfer the rail mount.

Now I have a new problem. I put in gta IV to play and when it loads up, it said that I needed to do a software update, well it kept locking up at a black screen. Now, the ps3 then updated the firmware to 2.53 after it managed to get back to the main screen. The problem is, it downloaded about 58% and then the screen went black and then came back on and said that it downloaded and was going to install. It got to about 38% and the screen went black and then came on saying the update was installed. Now it won't play blu ray discs at all, only regular dvds and ps1 games.

I tried the format and restore settings, but the same thing happens. The light comes on, then it spins for about 5 seconds and then stops.

Also, when the drive tries to eject a disc, it won't. The back plastic gear on the top half of the drive makes a horrible clicking sound when it tries to spit the disc out. The black and red wire for the optical laser is snapped too, would that cause the failure to read blu ray discs?