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Thread: First Gen PS3 MB Fact or Opinion help?

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    Jlobstein84 Guest

    First Gen PS3 MB Fact or Opinion help?

    Okay I have an old large trusty 60gig that I love for its backwards compatible nature, plus I have had it forever! I got the good ol' YLOD and tried the whole heat gun approach.

    While I had it apart I broke some super tiny prongs that were connected to a board that is where the power switch is and are too small to solder back on according to a computer store. When it was reassembled it won't turn on at all.

    So I want to get a new motherboard but I am reading that the Blu player is not compatible with a board other than the one it was with originally, and that the controllers can be an issue as well. After everything I read please help clear some things up.

    1. Is it worth it to find a new motherboard or just buy a slim
    2. Where could I get a MB
    3. Will my controllers work, do I have to set the system version back to a certain point?
    4. Will my BR drive work with a new board?
    5. Should I just sell this thing for parts and say goodbye? It has certain nostalgia to it so even if a new board is $150 I would do it if it will last a few more years.

    Thank you in advance for the help!!

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    sykoNsc Guest
    well i don't know about 1,2,3, or 5 but for number 4 you can remarry br drives and mb's as long as you're able to jailbreak your ps3. not sure what the highest firmware version able to be jailbroken is as i haven't been following the scene in quite a while but last time i was following anything the highest you could be on was 3.55.

    there are guides available on this site that will direct you step by step and are very easy to follow. i performed the br drive remarry back when it first came out and was fairly straight forward and as i understand it they have simplified it even further so you should be able to do it yourself with no troubles.

    also are you referring to the power switch on the front of the ps3 or the main power supply switch on the back? i haven't had mine open in forever but if i remember correctly the main switch on the back plugs into the power supply so if you broke those prongs the switch plugs into you may be able to just replace the power supply. and i don't believe anything is "too small to solder" as long as you have the proper equipment... i could be wrong though.

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    windrider42 Guest
    1. You could just get a launch model here
    2. Ebay and others do sell mobo, but hard to find new ones and good condition
    3. Everything would work, but it would be the firmware of what the new motherboard would be. If it was on same firmware , you could just put your own hdd in.
    4. as answered above by sykoNsc
    5. You could sell it for parts, and do what I said in Number 1 answer.

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    Jlobstein84 Guest
    Thank you both, (insert So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday by BoysIIMen) BUT I am going to sell it for parts if possible and just get a new slim, they are not supposed to get as hot and really I do not play the old ps2 games enough to go through so much to maybe get it working.

    Too much hassle, thank you both for the ideas and it will be missed, this is the first system I have ever had that died on me good bye old friend!!

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