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Thread: Firmwares doubts help?

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    anwark Guest

    Firmwares doubts help?

    How do you know that all the firmwares are region free? Why $ony bother to release different versions?

    Is it possible associate the BD playback issue with the region of the firmware used after downgrade?

    Thank you for your feedback again.

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    CJPC Guest
    We know they are region free - when they first came out the different region files were downloaded, and the sha1sum of each file was identical.

    So the same update was given out to every region - meaning, there region free!

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    flashpc Guest
    When the sites show a US or a EUR/PAL firmware both files are identical, the only difference is where they come from, US from the site and EUR from... yeah you guessed it the site.

    I have personal tested the latest US 3.55 firmware in one of my PAL PS3 and it works perfectly and I'm back on PSN.

    But watch out when you get your older firmware from torrents as I found out, after swapping the HDD on my SLIM, it asked me for an update.pup to rebuild the drive, I used one from a torrent and it continuely failed, after downloading from the PS3NEWS firmware section it worked perfectly.

    Thanks guys

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