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Thread: Firmware issue

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    omaru Guest

    Firmware issue

    Well I'm just new to the PS3 scene and im gonna get my my big black box in a few days. Now my problem is which firmware version should I get? I've been reading alot that the latest firmware 2.01 is causing big problems to PS3 users (games not loading, BR movies not loading. Is any of this true? I'd like to know from people who are already experts on this issue. And what firmware would you recommend i use?

    I just want to play Assassin's Creed and COD4 lmao, i don't want any problems ruining that experience lmao


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    lando786 Guest
    i got the latest firmware and have had no problems on my 60gb ps3

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    A2theC Guest
    I also have a 60 gb ps3 with no issues on fw 2.01

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