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Thread: Firmware 1.9x Blocks Proxy Server Hack?

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    andru47 Guest

    Question Firmware 1.9x Blocks Proxy Server Hack?

    So yeah, After updating to 1.9x, i noticed the [email protected] technique with the proxy server no longer works. It happens only when the proxy server is enabled in the PS3 network settings. Issues: include cant download [email protected], cant access PS store, and cant log into the PSN. Get error "An error occurred during the download operation(80710092) or "and error has occurred. You have been signed out of PLAYSTATION(R)Network.(80710092). I had the process of [email protected] working with 1.8x. but once i updated to 1.9x, the technique no longer worked. Any help on the subject? Any others face the same symptoms. Any loop holes?


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    Jetz Guest
    i have 1.93 and it works.

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    cc2000 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jetz View Post
    i have 1.93 and it works.
    Me too...

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    DarkArchon Guest


    Hey, im having no troubles and am at firmware 1.93. Just check in your network settings box on the ps3 that your settings for your connection does include "proxy server - on". I think i had something similar to your problem some previous time and had to verify that all the settings are all ok. If that doesnt work, try going through the FAQ on the [email protected] method (found on the sticky on the PS3 demo links) and double check that all of the settings are right on the PS3 and on your computer.

    Hope this helps

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    andru47 Guest
    Yeah found the problem, PS3proxy was being firewalled by windows, thanks for your help, works now, just wished some more games worked for this technique.

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