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    [UnAnswered] Find out which PS3 dongle do i have?

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    i bought a dongle here in Thailand, it is working and i can install homebrews etc... but i have no idea which dongle is it... so i don't know where to look to upgrade it, if upgradable. I would like to install Hermes V4 !? Is there a way to find out what is it ?

    Thx for help.

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    Make a picture and post it here.

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    here it is attached.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    The blue cap looks like a PS3Key. The dongle looks blank from the other side ?

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    yes, there is nothing written on the other side.

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    You tried to get it in boot loader mode with just plug-in on PC ? You just need to know which microchip it is.

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    no i did not try, how do you put it in boot loader mode ? When i plug it, blue led on but cannot see it on my pc...

    is there a hardware change to be made in order to put it in bootloader mode ?

    indeed it does look like a ps3 key just removing the cap and looking at the inside i can see components setup in the same way.

    ok i got it in bootloader mode now, what should i do next ? Thx
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    You have to push a button to get the Dongle in the DFU, but I don't see any button on you, so tried to insert it and remove it a few times in until both of the LEDs (both red and blue) light up at the same time.

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    ok after insert/remove a few times i got it installed in bootloader mode, windows 7 installed drivers automatically and now it says usb device input installed.

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    Try to get the PS3Key Software and try if you can flash it, if the software don't works, I think your JailBreak can't be updated.


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