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Thread: Find out which PS3 dongle do i have?

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    gregthai Guest
    but i think to flash it with ps3key you need to register on their website with a serial number and i don't have any...

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    gregthai Guest
    what is the difference between atmel, hex and silabs ? How do i know which one is for me ?

    Edit: ok i think i got it flashed using the ps3key software

    hope this works.. anyhow thx a lot man for your time!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Atmel is a company, which creates the microchips.

    Hex(-files) are the files, which you want to bring on the microchip, which contains Hermes v4 or PL3. So, Hex = Firmware of the microchip.

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    gregthai Guest
    Ok one last thing.. how am i supposed to know if it has actually been flashed, is there a way to check current firmware ?

    ps3key software ran smoothly and said upgrade done but i don't see no changes when using it...

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