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Thread: Finally Made The Leap to PS3 - questions!

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    MikeyBonez Guest

    Finally Made The Leap to PS3 - questions!

    As of yesterday, I am the proud parent of a 80 gig PS3 courtesy of my local Game Stop. Now the only problem is I have an older TV in my gaming area that doesn't have AV inputs on the back and I don't have a VCR or another DVD player in the area. Does anyone know if there's a RF adapter for the PS3 or will I have to jerry-rig one?? I can use the PS3 in another location but it's not as convenient for me. Please advise

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    Aeonin Guest
    You can either use the PS1 or PS2 RF adapter, or just get one of those RF converters found next to the TV cabling in any store. Most of them are sold as a way to connect a DVD player to any TV but work for any sort of video device that uses composite video (the yellow/red/white cables that come with the PS3.)

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    MikeyBonez Guest
    I was thinking about that, but wasn't entirely sure. I have to rummage through my box of AV stuff, I should have an RF adapter in there somewhere.

    I've got to get a move-on with stuff for the PS3. I still have to establish a net connection, upgrade the firmware & set up a theme. And find people for GTA IV so I can get the lay of the land.

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    smokeylib Guest
    i just got gta 4 for the second time and not that good, maybe we can get the hang of things together my psn is libsmokey

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    MikeyBonez Guest
    definitely, that is once i hook up my PS3 to ethernet lol. i want to get this dealth with before anything so at the earliest i'll be hooking it up tomorrow night, assuming i can find some cable ends & a RF adapter so i can move it upstairs to my game room. this way you have it now rather than me forgetting it later, my PSN is MikeyBonez1

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