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    bilbo40 Guest

    Final Fantasy XX-2 HD won't set permissions in Multiman help?

    I download the game, open it in multiman, and attempt to set permissions, but it just stays at setting permissions forever. I was told to resign the SELF and sprx files, but there are over 700 of them.

    Then, I was told to get firmware atleast 4.53+, but Im on 4.55 and it didnt work. Is there any fix or way to resign multiple files at once? Am I just using a bad torrent?

    Also, I would like to add that the game was over 40gb. Is that right?

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    bbb21 Guest
    How long have you left set permissions going for? It can take a long time for a game that big! Also did you try to enable bd mirror and internal?

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    bilbo40 Guest
    How long would you estimate?

    I cant copy it to the internal hardrive or load the game without the permissions as it just stays at verifying data seemingly forever.

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    windrider42 Guest
    In multiman disable verify check and then copy the game to internal or play from external

    Copy it fresh to USB, without resigning etc. I don't believe you need to do that.

    And the game I am pretty sure is around 24GB or less.

    Another way to check game integrity is using Aldostools PS3 tools

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