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Thread: Final Fantasy IX PSN help?

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    1guilherme11 Guest

    Final Fantasy IX PSN help?

    Hello, I downloaded a final fantasy IX here on this site so I had a problem after I installed the file on my ps3 it says it 'to start the game, I need to sign into PSN store.' Can someone help me?

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    cloud41269 Guest
    downloading ps1 games means you will have to buy them, "if" you are even lucky enough to sign into the psn store they will ask for payment. Games up for download are there ready for when they are hacked (remove registration) or for people having to format, and want the game back that they paid for, but then they would have to import registry to prove they own it.

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    1guilherme11 Guest
    ok thought I'd get to play , but there is no way? thanks

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    Denida Guest
    Not on ps3 with PSN version, only with retail disc or through the Ps3SX emulator...

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