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    destroyergx Guest

    Final Fantasy 13 save unlock help?

    Ok i have been searching and trying this for hours and nothings working. i got a save from gamefaqs and tried to us it on my ps3 and got a message say "that this save cant be used blah blah on this ps3" so i tried to change the param.sfo from that to mine it came as corrupted... and also tried this program called "ps3 save unlocker" tried that and still the save got corrupted.

    is there anyway for me to use the use this save on my ps3 and also heard if you do it from ftp or something it doesn't get corrupted. PLZ help and plz don't say "just play the game or something i'm seriously not gonna start over.. THE 3RD TIME!!... so if anyone has a way plz reply thx

    ps. i have a 250 gb non jailbroken ps3 running 3.72 and game with original disk

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    cfwprophet Guest
    How you want to use a FTP tool to transfer the save to your PS3 without a possability to execute unsigned code?

    Beside that your on OFW 3.72 and you can't use any Homebrew or Hacks or Apps without downgrading to a lower FW like 3.50 or 3.41.

    You should get some basics.

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    destroyergx Guest
    i don't have a jb'ed ps3 so i ca'nt use ftp, that's why i'm asking you guys.

    does ps3 save unlocker only work for jb ps3?

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    Zentsuken Guest
    You don't need FTP to get locked saves to work, you can use your computer to do this. The thing is that each save is constructed differently and some work by simply doing as you mentioned, replacing the PARAM.SFO with someone's.

    But most games (especially now) are encrypted and read other things aside from the PARAM.SFO. So it's hard to say without analyzing it first, maybe FF13 has another file that also reads from the original user who created it so just replacing the PARAM.SFO could not be enough.

    PS3 Save Unlocker doesn't require a JB since it's a program for Windows. Now it actually working is more of 70/30 chance. It's hard to say.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Thx for teaching. First it would be interestng if the game save hase the so called "No Copy" flag set. Thats a one bit flag that could be changed with a hex editor and if this flag is set to true then the PS3 normally doesnt allowe to copy this save state. But with a JB'd ps3 and a FTP tool the files can be copyed to the console without changing any bit. Cause if the game save is encrypted you cant change the No Copy flag without bracking the signing.

    You first post in this thread let me guess that the game save hase this No Copy flag set. So try to change this flag and if the game save still come up as corrupted we know two things: 1. The game save is encrypted too and 2. PS3 Save Unlocker Tool (seems to be) simply set the No Copy flag to false

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    barrybarryk Guest
    PS3SaveUnlocker will work with a FF13 save as long as its from the same region.

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    destroyergx Guest
    theres an a app.dat file (maybe this has info), param.sfo(info),param.pfd (the main save part i think) and icon0 (the icon). and yes the saves the same region.

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    Foo Guest
    Use the Save Unlocker and it will come up corrupt on your PS3. Then take it back on your computer and edit the PARAM.SFO and I believe in advanced you will see a code that says LOCKED, you will need to change that to 0. Yet, I don't exactly know if this will work.

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