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    quadro Guest

    Final Fantasy 13 PS3 Jailbreak help?

    FF13 stops at the square enix logo. FF13 is on my external drive.

    Pls help.

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    EiKii Guest
    have you tried the internal? and also is there any spindown or something on the ext drive? and also other games working?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    A bit more details would help to look for the solution - have you backed the game yourself or downloaded? What kind of method are you using to JB your PS3 (device and version of software)? What version of Backup Manager or any other way of running the game(s) are you using? Are you able to run any other backups? What version of PS3 you have? Is it on internal or external hard drive? Anything else relevant to the problem ...

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    quadro Guest
    Unfortunetly my internal hdd capacity is 40gb. there isn't a spindown on the ext hdd.

    Other games working fine in my external for example the god of war 3.

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    dragonsan Guest
    i'm 100% sure that ff13 has 5GB files inside the movies folder. So later it will definietly fail.

    named: z019_us.ps3.wmp 5,8 GB
    z008_us.ps3.wmp 4,1 GB

    So i'm sure ff13 is a game that will work only on internal.

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    Tokyo Rain Guest
    Doesn't FF13 have files 4GB+ ?

    Mine won't even copy to my external. I see one file that is 5.8GB which confuses me even more because the compatibility list says that it is confirmed to work from both internal and external.

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    quadro Guest
    I'm Using AT90USB162 v1.3 psgroove. Backup manager 1.0. I downloaded the game.

    yes there is only 1 file which cannot be copied to the ext. hdd.
    so i overwrited the z019_us.ps3.wmp file so it's not 5,8Gb.
    the other files is fine for example the z008_us.ps3.wmp 4,1 GB is copiable.

    I have fat ps3 v3.41

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    wlcina Guest
    THE FFXIII is working on internal drive for me, not working on external drive. Use internal if you want to play it.

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